Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty-Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is an aesthetic operation to correct the deformities of the nose caused by anatomical deformation or...

Nose Tip Lifting and Nose Tip Aesthetics

The structure and shape of the nose is the first noticeable area on our face. Especially the tip area of the nose, the structure of the nose...

Open Rhinoplasty

The best approach for patients with deformities or asymmetries on the tip of the nose that have been previously operated or...

Closed Nose Aesthetics Surgery

Closed Nose Aesthetics; Closed Nose Aesthetics is the form of rhinoplasty operation through the nostrils. We can divide the closed nose surgery into 2 groups.

Piezo Nose Aesthetics

Piezo Nose Aesthetics is the latest technological point in the nasal aesthetics that brings us closer to the expected aesthetic result in the aesthetics of working...

Let-Down Rhinoplasty

It is an interesting technique that has been increasing in popularity lately. It can be applied in the form of open or closed surgery.

Arched Nose Aesthetics

The shape of the nose represents the symmetry of our face and its characteristic features. The look, the smile, the gesture and the mimics are all formed together with...

Revision Septorhinoplasty-Revision Rhinoplasty

Revisionrhinoplasty is the name of the nose rhinoplasty that the patients are not satisfied with the appearance and function of the nose...

Deviation – Cartilage and Bone Curvature in the Nose

The curvature of the curtain, which consists of the anterior part of the cartilage and the back part of the bone, which separates the...


  • There are some considerations that our patients should pay attention to as well as the surgeon before the nose surgery. It is important to inform the physician of all complaints such as nasal congestion, nasal discharge, headache, etc., and any question marks in your mind.
  • Before surgery, some blood tests and general anesthesia is required to determine if you are eligible.
  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure etc.), always used drugs should be shared with the physician. Blood thinners (aspirin, Sandrine, etc.) before surgery, are to be stopped under the supervision of the physician.
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Burun Estetiği Sonrası Ne Yapacaksınız? POSTOPERATIVE
  • Because the operation is performed with general anesthesia, you will not feel much pain for about the first 6 hours because of painkillers performed during the operation.
  • It is recommended that you stay in hospital for 1 night after surgery. Patients who do not want to stay at hospital may be discharged on the same day, on condition that the patient is in good condition, of course if the physician approves.
  • Most of the time I do not use a nose pad, if necessaryif necessary, I use a pair of small leaf-shaped thin materials made of soft silicone which can easily enter and exit the nose. These materials also have air ducts that allow you to breathe. It provides maximum comfort to the patient. I remove nasal bumpers on day 2 or 3. During the removal of the buffer, the patient does not suffer any pain.
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