EURASIA CLINICS is an institution founded by doctors and private consultants to give a professional understanding and service in the field of medical tourism. Our Co-Founder Serdar Başyiğit has provided consultancy service to a lot of national and international companies in the sector for around 20 years. And our Partner and Co-Founder Ass.Prof.Dr. Niyazi Altıntoprak is a specialized surgeon in his field and one of the best-known doctors in Turkey. Based on our experience in the field of Medical Tourism, we are here to provide the best service with the full comprehensive services. 


Turkey has achieved world standards efficiently through the Health Transformation Program of last decade. Not only Turkish citizens, but also thousands of international patients, are attracted by first class health services provided by Eurasia Clinics. Our specialists and surgeons are best-in-class and will perform high quality procedures matched to our patients’ requirements. Not only do we provide some of the highest quality treatments possible, but our prices are consistently affordable for our patients.

Our facilities are one of the best in the country & are JCI accredited to ensure patients’ safety at all times. All services and surgeries are performed in renowned hospitals located in İstanbul. Our facilities operate in accordance with the national accreditation system and are audited twice a year by the Ministry of Health of Turkey. This allows to ensure quality, safety and service standards for our patients. Their rights, privacy and safety are the top priorities of health services in Eurasia Clinics.

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