Arched Nose Aesthetics

“Our goal is to generate a beautiful, comfortable breathing and natural nose that fits your face.” Therefore, each patient should be evaluated in his or her own specialty.

The shape of the nose represents the symmetry of our face and its characteristic features. The look, the smile, the gesture and the mimics are all formed together with the structure of the nose. If the bone on the back of the nose that gives shape to the nose is too arched or curved, both aesthetic and functional problems may be experienced.Arched nose may be congenital or occur after accident, surgery, impacts etc.  Rhinoplasty, or surgery to reshape the nose, is one of the most common of all plastic surgery procedures. When we look at our country in general, since the arched and characteristic nose structures are common, we can state that it is of genetic origin.

Arched nose surgery is divided into two groups as operative and non-operative.Of course, to which method you are more suitable shall be determined by your specialist doctor. In some people, the nasal arch is not very obvious, while in others it is quite bulging. For non-operative method, patients with nasal arches who are not too large are suitable candidates. If there is an arch nose that completely changes the facial expression, then surgery is required. After surgery, the patient has a straighter bridge, a well defined nasal tip, and an improved angle between the nose and upper lip. In some cases, the belt may belong to the cartilage or bone structure. It is also available when both are together. For this reason, the proportion of the back of the nose should be reduced by calculating the suitability of the other parts of the face. Then, the necessary examinations and tests for the operation are done and the patient’s health status is checked. If you have a previous surgery or discomfort, these conditions should be shared with your doctor.

The operation is performed with open or closed technique under general anesthesia. No matter what technique is applied, the target is to remove the belt on the nose. After the belt is removed, the bones in the nose wings are also closer to each other as there will be a straightening in that area. Rhinoplasty is also performed to reduce the size of the nose. In this way, the patient can be proportional to his face and have a smaller nose than before. As with all nose surgeries, the purpose is its staying natural in the aesthetic of the arched nose. The operation will take about 2 hours. If there are no symptoms after surgery, the patient is discharged. Then it is recommended to rest for at least 1 Week and keep the head high and lie down. Thus, possible pain, bleeding and swelling can be prevented. There is no need to worry about these situations as they are part of the healing process. The ideal age limit for aesthetic is 17 years and older in women and 18 years and older in men. In non-surgical application, filling materials or botox materials are used.

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