Why should you have a face filling?

Face filling provides a much younger look in a short time.Aesthetics filling the face relieve the tired expression on the face. Over the years, wrinkles and sagging may occur in the skin due to the reduction of elastic fiber, collagen fiber, fat layer and hyaluronic acid. Especially wrinkles and sagging in the eyes, mouth, chin, neck, nose and forehead can become annoying. Facial filler will be a successful choice for removing sagging and wrinkles on the lower parts of the face. Filling injection is applied to the lip area to provide a fuller and younger appearance to the lip. It can also be used to remove deep scars and acnes on the skin.

How does Face Filling work?

Facial fillings are made by experts in order to remove the skin collapse on the lower part of the area where there is wrinkles, scars or sagging. It provides fullness to the area where it is applied on the face and provides a more beautiful and younger appearance. Wrinkles and pits in this area are reduced or completely disappeared by the effect of filling.

How to perform a face filling?

The filler is injected into the patient’s complained areas, wrinkle lines or lips in small amounts with a small needle. Filling injection takes 20-30 minutes on average. The result can be seen immediately. After the application, the patient can return to his / her daily routine. Although the duration of permanency varies individually, it is approximately 8-18 months.

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