If there is hair loss in the upper lip for men, the definitive treatment is mustache transplantation. Mustache transplantation is the transplantation of hair follicles into the areas of the skin that do not grow mustache hairs on the upper lip. The hair follicles to be transplanted instead of mustache are taken from the neck as in the treatment of baldness. For this purpose, hair follicles are taken from the neck by fue method with 0.6mm punches. Then, individual hair follicles are planted in areas with a mustache deficiency.

Cultivated hair follicles retain their pre-existing properties in the mustache area and the hairs continue to grow. Thus, shortening of the growing hairs at suitable intervals may be carried out during the period. Hair follicles cannot be fed if they are planted very close to each other. For this reason, the frequency of sowing should be sufficient to feed. When hair follicles are transplanted and the hair begins to grow (4-6 months later), hair transplantation can be done again if there is sparse mustache area.

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