Rhinoplasty-Nose Surgery

“Our goal is to generate a beautiful, comfortable breathing and natural nose that fits your face.” Therefore, each patient should be evaluated in his or her own specialty.

Rhinoplasty surgery is an aesthetic operation to correct the deformities of the nose caused by anatomical deformation or subsequent accidents, falls and trauma. The nose is difficult to breathe because of these deformations. Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in Turkey. Rhinoplasty is a personal operation. Today, surgeons consider the nose surgery to be a nose that is suitable for facial contours, not just to correct the curvature or deformities of the nose. Because the position of the nose on the face, lines, bones, angle, distance between the lips is different in each person.

Nose plastic surgery is performed by two methods as open and closed technique. Open technique nasal aesthetic surgeries provide superiority from the surgical point of view; after the operation there is a small scar under the nose (often too small to be noticed 6 months after surgery). In the closed technique nasal surgery operations, there is no postoperative operation, the operation time is short but because of the lack of vision, the surgeon can be limited in terms of aesthetic and functional aspects. Each surgeon targets the best result (s). The methods chosen by the surgeon may differ according to the target. The success of the surgery is primarily related to the surgeon’s experience and knowledge. Nose structure, nose deformities, accompanying chronic diseases, tissue response and many other factors affect the success of surgery. The physician decides which technique, which instrument and which technology to use. The innovations and conveniences brought by the technology are not specific to the physician, but every physician can benefit from these facilities, but the main thing is to decide which patient and technician will be used in which patient. For all these reasons, firstly the physician who will perform the surgery in the nasal surgery should be chosen well.

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