Revision Septorhinoplasty-Revision Rhinoplasty

“Our goal is to generate a beautiful, comfortable breathing and natural nose that fits your face.” Therefore, each patient should be evaluated in his or her own specialty.

Revisionrhinoplasty is the name of the nose rhinoplasty that the patients are not satisfied with the appearance and function of the nose, although they had previously had one or more rhinoplasty.As the number of surgeries is increased, the procedures that we can do are limited.Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed surgery procedures because the problems that occur on the nose in the middle of the face are remarkable. There are several factors that cause undesirable results or problems after surgery; Before the operation, the problems could not be determined precisely, the patient’s expectations were not fully understood, the errors in the surgical technique, the structural features of the patient (very thin or thick skin, curved nose, etc.), problems experienced in the postoperative recovery period (trauma, infection, etc.) are among them. The completion of the healing process after the nose plastic surgery and the last shape of the nose are considered to last between 6 months and 1 year depending on the content of the surgical intervention, but changes in the nasal skin may last longer. Therefore, it is generally recommended to wait for at least one or one and a half years before a second operation is performed. The biggest problem of revision patients is that there is not enough cartilage in the nose. In such cases, cartilage or rib cartilage can be used to obtain cartilage. Revision nose operations, interventions in tissue planes due to previous surgery, adhesions between the skin and cartilage or bone roof and damage and deformities in cartilage or bone tissues are the major challenges of surgical pain. Therefore, in order to get a successful result in revision surgery, the current problems should be evaluated very well, alternative approaches such as ear, rib cartilage which can be applied during the operation are planned in advance and necessary preparations should be made and the surgeon should have sufficient knowledge and experience for such interventions.

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