The Period Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • There are some considerations that our patients should pay attention to as well as the surgeon before the nose surgery. It is important to inform the physician of all complaints such as nasal congestion, nasal discharge, headache, etc., and any question marks in your mind.
  • Before surgery, some blood tests and general anesthesia is required to determine if you are eligible.
  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure etc.), always used drugs should be shared with the physician. Blood thinners (aspirin, Sandrine, etc.) before surgery, are to be stopped under the supervision of the physician.
  • If you have had a nose surgery before, you should be sure to this information with your doctor.
  • Upper respiratory tract infections, such as the flu, can lead to bleeding and anesthesia risks to postpone the operation.
  • Some herbal supplement foods; fish oil, ginger, ginseng, flax seed, garlic, vitamin E, should be discontinuedat least 1 month before surgery.
  • Since some acne medications cause the skin to thin, this information should be shared with the physician.
  • I do not recommend that women be operated during menstruation.
  • Smoking should be stopped at least 15 days before surgery if it is not completely possible to stop.
  • When entering the surgery, no cosmetic products in the body, make-up , jewelry, accessories, ring necklaces, and so on are allowed.
  • Stomach should be empty during surgery. You should not eat or drink anything from 12: 00 a.m. before the surgery. At least 6-8 hours of hunger is required in the afternoon.
  • Companion is recommended.

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