Doctors do not suggest hair transplant using body hair as first option, yet if the patient is willing to do, it is possible in the following cases:

When hair is so weak and thin in the donor area and thus the donor area is not considered as a donor area anymore.

For final phase of  beard transplantation, mustache transplantation and eyebrow transplantation hair transplant procedures

To cure the scars in the scalp, which sometimes appear after a hair transplant procedure.

The followed procedure in the field of hair transplant by using body hair is extracting follicles from other body parts for the patients who has weakness in their donor areas in the scalp.

In such situations body hair can be used from any other body parts like chest, beard, back and legs, and consequently the more body hair density you have the more it makes you suitable for the hair transplantation procedure using body hair.

The Technique Used in Hair Transplants By Using Body Hair

In standard hair transplant processes hair grafts are extracted from the patient’s donor area in the back of his/her head, which usually have high hair density. In transplants using body hair doctors extract grafts from other parts of the body. Hair grafts are going to be extracted directly from the donor area under local anesthesia using a small tool that is between 0.75ml and 1ml or a little thicker. The doctor creates a circular incision inside the skin surrounding the graft and then he pulls it out directly from its position and places it in the preserving solution and finally plants it in the receiving area.

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