Let-Down Rhinoplasty

“Our goal is to generate a beautiful, comfortable breathing and natural nose that fits your face.” Therefore, each patient should be evaluated in his or her own specialty.

It is an interesting technique that has been increasing in popularity lately. It can be applied in the form of open or closed surgery. In normal closed rhinoplasty surgery, the existing bone or cartilage belt is taken out and the appearance of the arch in the nose is thus removed. However, when cartilage or bone is removed from the back of the nose, we are disrupting the anatomical structure, and we are trying to reconstruct the normal anatomical structure of the nose with more cartilage or bones removed from the nose. Let-down technique is not taken out of the cartilage or bone belt on the back of the nose, and the excess cartilage or bones under this belt is removed and the removal of this belt is provided. That is, it is removed from the lower parts without disturbing the roof.

Namely, if you have an arched profile on the side and the front of the nose is in the ideal view, this technique may be suitable for you. With this technique, the anatomy of the back of the nose does not deteriorate. A faster recovery will be achieved and we will face less edema in the early postoperative period.

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