Are you worried about your mole? Moles are seen as a black spot or disorder in the skin. Anyone who is at risk of skin cancer should take care of their skin and the moles they have. Taking a skin mole can help prevent further growth of any cancer. However, many people do it to have a more beautiful skin.

Why do moles develop on our skin?

Moles can be seen in all races and skin colors. Some people are born with moles. Most skin moles occur in early childhood or in the first 20 years of life. New moles emerging after age 35 may require medical advice. Sun exposure is observed to play a role in the development of skin moles. People exposed to UV light tend to have more moles. However, mole can even occur in sun-protected areas,too.

What is a skin tag?

Skin tags resemble a small, soft balloon hung on a thin handle and are skin-colored. Skin tags are harmless formations whose number can vary between hundreds.

Skin tags usually occur in the following regions:

Neck base



Groin Folds

Hip Folds

Under the breasts

Is it possible to prevent skin tags?

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent the skin tags.

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