Nose Tip Lifting and Nose Tip Aesthetics

“Our goal is to generate a beautiful, comfortable breathing and natural nose that fits your face.” Therefore, each patient should be evaluated in his or her own specialty.

The structure and shape of the nose is the first noticeable area on our face. Especially the tip area of the nose, the structure of the nose, bone is very important because they shape the holes. The tip of the nose is the part close to the mouth the section of 1/3. This region is important both in terms of aesthetics and breathing. The low end or curvature of the nose causes serious aesthetic and physiological (breathing and smell) problems in the nose. At the same time, this region is a complex anatomical structure and functional structure that requires serious experience and sensitive work in operations.

The tip of the nose is called the tip at Medicine. Nose tip rhinoplasty (tip rhinoplasty/tipplasty) is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. Tipplasty is the procedure to correct the deformity of the nose tip (asymmetry, width, low, nose deformity), in which the anatomical structure of the nasal bone is normal. Since the purpose of the operation is not to interfere with the bone structure of the nose, bone breaking is not done. Only deformations on the tip of the nose are corrected. . Nasal tip aesthetics can also be applied during surgical procedures such as cartilage curvature surgery (septoplasty) and nose reduction (concha) surgery.

The most common form of deformities seen in our country is the low nose tip, asymmetric nose tip, pointed nose tip, brackets nose tip and top nose tip. In a world where visuality is important, deformities on the nose can seriously affect one’s social and spiritual world. In addition to the new methods and techniques, nose tip aesthetic practices are also developing and much better results can be obtained. When the reduction in the tip of the nose is corrected, the entire aesthetic of the lip also changes. In addition, there are deformities in the nostrils that can be corrected and excess nasal wings can be removed.
Patients should always exchange ideas with their physicians when deciding on the operation. Because the only way to correct the nasal tip sometimes may not generate the desired visual and may interfere with the other parts of the nose may be necessary.

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